National Day on Writing

Just yesterday, the NCTE posted the article “Celebreate NCTE’s Fourth Annual National Day on Writing.”  While this articles does not present an upfront or confrontational issue, I thought it was really important to highlight this article, considering this ‘issue’ is actually very important! 

The U.S. Senate has officially declared October 20, 2012, as National Day on Writing.  The article states, “On October 19-20, tweet out your compositions of all sorts and post them to Twitter using the hashtag #whatIwrite and, if space allows, #dayonwriting. Our goals are to share writings publicly while we get #whatIwrite as a trending topic on Twitter this year just as #WhyIWrite was a trending topic next year.”

I think it’s really important and incredibly encouraging that a day like this has been made a National event. It is so important for people, especially students, to realize the important of learning, reading, and writing.  It is especially great that they are using such a popular and teen-oriented device (Twitter) to spread the word about it. I personally think that this could lead students to not only be drawn to it initially, but it could lead them to look into it and realize that there are thousands of others involved, and could inspire them to take a part in it.  It is so rare now-a-days to see such positive events being presented in a “teen” way, and this breaks that mold, and inspires everyone to participate.  

Lastly, the aritcle states: 

  • They write through text messages and IMs, they use video cameras and cell phones, and, yes, even traditional pen and paper.
  • The social nature of writing invites people in every walk of life, in every kind of work, and at every age to make meaning through composing.

Overall, I think this event is a great opportunity for students to see that reaching out and taking part in public writing and educational National events, and it is especially great that it is being done in a way that reaches out to teenagers, and presents it in such a positive way. This brings people of all ages and walks of life to one place, and shows others how they think and what they believe through their writing.  I would encourage every teacher to use this day to their and their students’ advantages, and also use this to show students’ the importance of not only participating in community and national educational events, but also branching out in their writing and showing others what they are capable of.



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  1. abthib

    I think there has been a recent acceptance of social media in non-traditional settings because of its ability to bring people together and stimulate on-going, worldwide conversation. Until recently, it seems that social media was looked down upon and was a dreaded distraction in the classroom. What I believe we’re seeing now, and especially in regards to your post, is a new direction for social media that involves intelligent ideas, creativity, and communication with others. I really enjoy hearing about popular “trends” and collective ideas and movements such as the one described here where the power of rapid communication is being harnessed to produce, share, appreciate, and acknowledge different stories.

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